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Our Covid-19 response

covid-19 safety updates

Our goal is to create a workplace that is aware and responsive to the new protocols and physical changes to our workplace as a result of COVID-19. We aim to help the Provincial Ministry of health to reduce the risk of person-to-person transmission through the following measures:

1 – Our capacity has been reduced and tables have been placed with a minimum of 6' distance from each other.

2 –We have implemented a health check for our staff and customers.

  3 – We have a contact trace system in place.

4 – Our staff and our patrons are required to wear a mask.

5 – We have replaced paper menus for online.

6 – Although we have always maintained a strict cleaning policy, we have enhanced cleaning in high-traffic area, door knobs, and etc. 

7 - Six people per table is the maximum.

8 - We have made changes in table service such as: 

• Our staff will leave drinks or food at the front of the table and let the guests grab .

• We placed markers for physical distanced standing for counter service.

• Whenever possible, we will open windows, guest doors or roll-up doors to allow fresh air into our space while limiting the use of standing fans.

• For water service, staff will provide water in a bottle or jug at the table and allow guests to pour their own water. For coffee service, staff will not touch cups when refilling.

• Salt and pepper shakers, sauce dispensers, candles, and other table top items will be provided only when requested.

• Staff will wear a clean apron/uniform that allows the server to have an extra layer between their clothes and the guest. 

• For leftovers, staff will provide the guest with the container and let them pack the to-go box.

We encourage reservations and take-outs during this time.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or concerns. 

[email protected] / 604.491.4429